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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need Planning Permission to build a conservatory?
A: If there has been no addition to your property then probably not. Our experienced surveyor will advise and obtain all necessary approvals, if required.

Q. What is a Document L in relation to Building Regulations?
A. Effective 1st April 2002 - all replacement window installations in England & Wales will be subject to BUILDING REGULATIONS.

Q: What is Pilkington K Glass and how does it work?
A: The glass in your windows absorbs heat then radiates it again on the colder, outside surface. Pilkington K Glass has what is called a low emissivity coating on the surface that faces into the air gap of the double glazing unit. Low emissivity means the coating is a poor radiator. The heat absorbed by the coated glass is inhibited from radiating across the air gap and then from the outer pane to the cold outside world. Instead the heat is reflected back into the room by the coating. It works in a similar way to a sheet of reflecting foil placed behind a central heating radiator which, as you know, bounces the heat back into the room. Heat losses through different materials can be compared by their "U values". The higher the U value, the greater the heat loss through the material. The U value of a single pane window is 5.6. Double glazing with ordinary glass has a U value of 2.8. Double glazing with Pilkington K Glass has a U value of only 1.9, considerably better than conventional double glazing, and as good as triple glazing. Pilkington K Glass should not be used as single glazing. Windows incorporating Pilkington K Glass allow heat from the sun through, but reflect heat from fires and radiators back inside, making it easier to keep houses warm.

Q: Do you supply double glazed sealed units to fit into wooden frames?
A: Yes, we manufacture the sealed units in our own factory and we can supply all information and materials required for you to undertake the installation on a DIY basis. Alternatively we can offer a full installation service.

Q: What is the Guarantee?
A: Full warranty details are available on request due to product variation. We also offer a full insurance backed warranty - details on request.

Q: What care and courtesy can I expect from your installation team?
A: Our fitters are fully employed by the company and some have been with us for over 20 years. All fitters have undergone CRB checks and have been cleared to work in secure areas such as Police Stations and QinetiQ. Testimonials from satisfied clients are available to view here.

Q: How long will it take to install my windows and doors?
A: 2-3 days for a 3 bed roomed semi detached house. Larger houses may take a little longer

Q: What is the current fitting time from date of order of my windows?
A: Dependant on volume of work but usually between 2-6 weeks. January and February is a good time to replace your windows as it is usually a quiet period in the trade. Please enquire for any discounts available during this period.

Q: Do you repair all internal and external damage to my property?
A: All unforeseen damage is repaired and left in a secure state. Re-decoration is not included in the fitting price, but we can recommend a good tradesman to undertake the work.

Q: What thickness UPVC frame do you use?
A: 70mm section

Q: Will my property be left clean and tidy?
A: Yes

Q: Are you registered to FENSA or a similar scheme?
A: A.M.B. Glass & Malvern Windows are registered with FENSA, registration number 25721.

Q: Do you have testimonials from satisfied customers?
A: Yes - Testimonials from satisfied clients are available to view here.

Q:If scaffolding is required is this included in the estimate?
A: Yes - your quotation will include the cost of any scaffolding required however you are at liberty to obtain an independent quote.

Q: Can I keep my old windows if I want to?
A: If you wish to keep your old windows just talk to the fitters and they will be only to pleased to stack the windows on your property.